How Cashless Repair Can Save Time and Money ?

December 19

I hope this scenario does not arise, but if it does, let's picture what happens if your vehicle meets an accident. After all the emotional stress, the first thing you will think is how do I claim my insurance to cover the repair cost? Right, you contact your insurance, who will direct you to the workshop to raise a quote for repair and assign you a surveyor who will verify the claim, which itself is a time-consuming process all the while your car is idle in a workshop. After all the formalities, insurance will permit you to repair. After completing the repair, you settle the bill and submit the same to insurance. Get it, You are paying from your own bank account first, and after fulfilling different formalities, you will release the payment. It is time-consuming and hassle, right? The Cashless Repair facilities in your nearest authorized Suzuki Service center can help reduce and, in some cases, eliminate it.

Going into Cashless Repair of Vehicles at Suzuki Authorized Service Center carries the following benefits.

  1. Low-Cost Payment during Accidental Repairing: The customer needs to pay only the difference between the claim and insurance deduction (Depreciation, salvage, etc.) while taking delivery of the vehicle after repair.The supposed Customer has the quotation of 10 Lakh rupees for an insurance claim, and after repairing, a 10 Lakh bill is seen; after analysis by insurance, 2 Lakh is a deductible amount from depreciation and salvage value. Then the customer can only pay 2 Lakh and take his vehicle; the rest, 8 Lakh, will be settled between our authorized service center and Insurance.
  2. Simplified Claim Process: Customers can benefit from a streamlined and hassle-free claim process by getting their car repaired at your workshop tied up with United Insurance and CG| Motocorp. The authorized service center status ensures smoother coordination between the insurer and repair facility, eliminating complexities often associated with claim processing.
  3. Quick Assessment and Approval: Customers can settle their claims without needing a surveyor for their damage claims below Rs. 200,000. This expedites the assessment and approval process, allowing for quicker repairs and reducing the downtime of their vehicles.
  4. Efficient Handling of Third-Party Liability Claims: In cases involving third-party liability or claims exceeding Rs. 200,000, the insurance company will promptly allocate a surveyor within 24-48 hours for a comprehensive assessment. This ensures fair evaluation and allows for timely repair work.
  5. Transparent Payment Commitment: United Insurance provides a payment commitment letter for each case, ensuring settlement transparency. In third-party liability cases, payment is contingent upon a written agreement between the parties, ensuring fairness and clarity in financial transactions.
  6. Higher Coverage Limit: Customers can benefit from a substantial cashless claim limit of up to Rs. 20,00,000, offering them extended coverage for repair and maintenance services without bearing the immediate financial burden within the defined limit.

The Cashless Insurance facility is currently limited to United Azod Insurance and NLG Insurance