​Safeguard Your Car And Yourself From This Heavy Mansoon Season

July 1

By Karun Shakya

The Monsoon season is upon us. We are experiencing some heavy rainfalls in most parts of the country. Some of us love the rain while some like me loathe it, but hey we are an “Agriculture based Economy” so rain is good for us, to the point it does not create physical and collateral damages. The latter one is being a worry.

Nonetheless, we all agree that we have to keep ourselves safe from this downpour. Speaking about Safety, our car also requires special attention during this time to avoid unwanted situations. So let us discuss a few essentials that need to be checked/maintained in our car during the monsoons.

1.Condition of your tyre

This is very important, the good-conditioned tyres basically with good grip are very essential especially when the roads get muddy and slippery. This is required for safer braking and handling. We don’t want to be dancing on the road. Do We?

2.Proper wiping, Windshield wipers

We can’t see well when the rain is hitting on your windscreen, no discussion in that!! Since we do not use wipers very often in dryer winter and subsequent summer before the monsoon, there is a chance we overlook its condition. So, ensure that Wipers are working well so we can see well and keep ourselves safe.


The road visibility can go bad during a heavier downpour. Ensure that our headlamps along with Fog lamps and tail lamps are bright for our safety and safety of our fellow drivers on the road. Please have the lamps clean or replaced if necessary.

4.Efficient Brakes

Braking can become very tricky during these wet and slippery conditions. One thing is for sure, the best functioning brakes are needed even more during this time. Have all the four brakes checked for their condition and, also note the constant mud and dirt that your brakes are exposed to decreases its efficiency even more. So just one check might not be enough.

5.Well serviced Air conditioned

Most of the time we will be driving with windows down unless you love the rain and don’t mind your car interior wet. Lol. A good functioning air condition is needed to a) keep your air fresh b) don’t have to deal with foul smell c) avoids windshield fogging.

6.Get your car serviced

The best way to ensure this is to get your car serviced. The modern service center especially the Authorized service center are well versed to inspect the essentials as per weather demands. So drop by to any authorized service centers to keep your car well geared for this winter.

In the End, different conditions take different toil on your car. It is how well and regularly maintained your car is, is that will keep you safe and prevent you for exposing to unwanted situations